L’auteur: My name is Kathryn Walker and I am studying French and Art History at Goucher College (a small liberal arts school in Baltimore) with a passion (some say infatuation) with food. This passion, coupled with a dash of creativity and (occasionally) boredom, resulted in this blog (TA-DA!).  In addition, I write the food column for The Quindecim (Goucher Eats), Goucher’s school newspaper, and burn off all of the calories via running a gazillion miles every day with my cross-country and track teams.  Currently, the plan is to combine these two loves– food and running– by competing in the Loire Valley Marathon (which serves vin blanc and foie gras along the way) in two years as a graduation present to myself.  In the meantime, I will be spending the next year in Paris studying at the Sorbonne, traveling to the places in my art history textbooks, and attempting to become a connoisseur of cheap wine and expensive cheese.

L’expression: En français, the idiomatic expression, “avoir la pêche” can be literally translated as “having the peach.”  However, as many language-learners know, literal translations are not always possible. The true meaning of this phrase is “having a rosy perception of life; energy; happiness.”   This phrase, so reminiscent of the rosy english expression, “peachy keen,” is a “keen” expression of my overall perception of the world.  This blog will hopefully inspire someone out there to live life a little more lusciously  (alliteration intended).


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