Cafe du Monde: Beignets, Coffee, and People Watching

20 May

So far in my stay in the Crescent City/Nawlins/New Orleans, I have had the supreme privilege of going to the renowned Cafe du Monde every day.  Known for its chicory-flavored coffee and beignets, Cafe du Monde  is resplendent with various characters from all walks of life.

Beignets are essentially fried squares of dough that are submerged in powdered sugar as soon as they escape from the vats of bubbling oil.  The powdered sugar fluffs out of the air and is found everywhere throughout the eating establishments– mounds of sugar on the ground, in the air, even in customers’ hair.  During the day, content tourists splay their bags and other goods around their tables and dig into the platter of cheap (less than $3 for 3) donuts and coffee or cafe au lait.  The lines are long, the tables slightly messy, but this Nawlins institution churns out delectable creations and is an integral part of the thriving French Quarter.


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