Baltimore Find: Woodberry Kitchen

20 May

Two words: sooooooooooooo good.  Whether you decide to go hog wild and eat from every category on the menu (like I enthusiastically did) or be more conservative and order a few well-selected items, the dishes at this Baltimore-based restaurant are creative, ethereal, and delicious.  Riding on the current wave of eat-local organic eateries that is sweeping the East Coast, Woodberry Kitchen embraces local and organic ingredients with gusto and creates appealing courses that any palate (even steak and potato traditionals) will embrace.  Highlights of the meal were: the crotin cheese, the fresh oysters brought in that day by a local fisherman, the various flatbreads, and crabcake.  I made the executive decision for dessert and ordered the CMP (chocolate, marshmallow, peanuts), the strawberry plate, and the goat cheesecake.  I may be a bit biased and (at the time) sick of college dining hall fare, but I found everything that I spooned or forked into my mouth at Woodberry Kitchen to be utterly fantastic.  The only limits that you could have here are the availability of reservations and the ability of your stomach to stretch to capacity.


One Response to “Baltimore Find: Woodberry Kitchen”

  1. Hannah Southworth May 31, 2011 at 2:07 pm #

    loved loved loved the pictures because I didn’t get any of the food we had. I had the spelt noodles too! and the C M P. My dad had the crabcake and cheesecake. MISS YOU

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