San Francisco: A Foodie’s Paradise

19 Jan

A little less than a week ago I had the supreme privilege of voyaging across the country to the spangled and colorful landscape of San Francisco.  Lucky for me, the family that I stayed with had a wonderful passion for food that allowed me to explore the city in a way that most tourists don’t have the chance to experience in a couple of days. I had heard rumors and whispers in the wind that San Francisco was chok-full of eateries and people that loved food.  Those rumors proved to be true.  Listed below are the many places that I was able to eat at in the short 3 1/2 days that I was there.


Arizmendi Bakery

  • A co-op bakery located near Golden Gate Park.  I had the pumpkin praline muffins and apple scone, but the menu changes on a daily basis.  The average Yelp rating was a 4 1/2 out of 5.  I’d give it a 5.

Tartine Bakery

  • Another bakery, albeit of the French variety.  Let me put it this way– I haven’t had a frangipane tart this good since I was in France.  Ditto for the BOWL of cafe au lait.

The pastry case.


La Taqueria

  • Located in the Mission, this cheap, wonderful, and delicious taqueria creates everything– from the tortilla to the agua fresca– from scratch.  To put it simply, if you eat here you will never want another burrito from a fast-food texmex place again.

The Slanted Door

  • A Vietnamese restaurant located on the water, The Slanted Door serves up some excellent lunch-fare that packs a fiery punch.  Highlights from the meal were the chicken claypot and the shrimp-noodle concoction.

Ike’s Place

  • If you’ve ever considered putting anything on a sandwich, chances are they’ve already done it at Ike’s.  The best part is that the huge sandwiches come with crunchy all-natural chips and a carmel-apple lolly to boot.



  • This was my introductory meal to San Francisco– after one bite of the pommes frites, I decided that I loved this foggy city.  This restaurant specializes in Basque cooking, which is an amalgamation of southern French and Spanish cuisine.  (Technically it’s also a region in Spain.)  The waiters are charming, the chef is hilarious, and the food is delicious.  I had a wonderful food coma after this meal.

Koh Samui and The Monkey

  • This Thai restaurant exceeded my expectations and allowed for our group to have fun while eating.  One example was the chicken pumpkin curry– which was actually served inside of a little pumpkin!


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